Monday, July 9, 2012

BMTC Route search , A helpful website

If you are a new comer to Bengaluru(Formally Bangalore) and wondering how to find the route number of the BMTC bus to reach your destination.
If you are a Bengalru resident and want to find the easiest route to your destination.
If you want to travel in BMTC leaving your two/four wheeler behind to avoid the stressful drive.
If you are curious to know about BMTC bus routes.
OR else

For any other reason, you have reached here.... is the site that would help you.

All the stops and platform information is also available here.

Good work from the developer, I appreciate his efforts.

We need more such sites which would  help the visitors and people who are looking for such information.

Please note that the site admin has posted a banner at the end of the page which states that the site is not 100% accurate, Still I say it worth to have something than having nothing....

Google maps only provide the routes of Vayu Vajra buses which might not be available on all routes, I believe we can use this site with combination of Google Maps( and have a better result.

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